Techniques on Finding a Good Mechanic

Are you needing maintenance or repairs for your vehicle and not sure where to go? It can be difficult to find a good reliable mechanic that you can trust. First, you should research what is all involved with each automotive certification. This will help you to understand how much knowledge a mechanic may have. A good mechanic will be ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) Certified and should have it posted at their garage. It is good to ask around, your friends, family or coworkers may already know of a good mechanic.

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With your search for a good mechanic you may want to look online at their reviews, you can learn a lot by someone else opinion. An example of a mechanic with good reviews is Mesa Auto Repair. You should investigate procedures online, this will help you ask the right questions necessary to make a good judgement on a mechanic. Prices will vary though depending on your vehicle and what is all involved, also each garage has their own price list. You will find that some of the larger garages may have a higher price due to the over cost of their building. This doesn’t mean they are better qualified mechanics, but they may be at a more convenient location for you. Additionally you should check out your local mechanic shops on how clean and orderly it is, obviously garages get dirty. But if they keep up with their garage and waiting area they are showing you they are a professional and most likely will put more care into your vehicle. You should be certain of the shop’s polices, and how they guarantee their work.

Dealerships in general charge a little more for parts and labor than other mechanics, but they’re expected to be familiar with your vehicle and be knowledgeable to get the job done correctly. Also they will most likely have the part that you need to repair your car in stock, for more convenience. They also usually have a shuttle service that can take you to work or home while your vehicle is being worked on. Than they will return you to the shop after your vehicle is finished.


If your vehicle is an antique or an exotic car you may want to look for a mechanic that specializes in these types of cars. Replacement parts for these types of vehicles are hard to find, and a mechanic that works with them regular will know the best place to find your part for you.